Thursday, October 2, 2014

We carry baggage at various regions in Osaka

Our name is Smiley_Matsumoto_Carrying_Service.
We carry your baggage, luggage.
For example, box, bag, case, furniture, electric appliances.
From your home, apartment, hotel in osaka pref.  
To your new home.
To the place where you will stay next.
To any place in japan.

Smiley_Matsumoto is a member of the Akabou(Akabo).
Akabou is a very famous franchise in japan.
You can use our services at ease.

Please visit my homepage. E-mail here.

Various regions in Osaka Prefecture.

Osaka City, Sakai City,
Takaishi City, Izumi City, Izumiotsu City, Kishiwada City, Kaizuka City, Izumisano City, Sennan City, Hannan City, Tadaoka Town, Kumatori Town, Tajiri Town, Misaki Town,
Osakasayama City, Kawachinagano City, Tondabayashi City, Chihayaakasaka Village, Kanan Town, Taishi Town, Kashiwara City, Habikino City, Fujiidera City, Matsubara City,
Yao City, Higasiosaka City, Daito City, Shijonawate City, Moriguchi City, Kadoma City, Neyagawa City, Katano City, Hirakata City,
Takatsuki City, Ibaraki City, Settsu City, Suita City, Toyonaka City, Minoo City, Ikeda City, Shimamoto Town, Toyono Town, Nose Town

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